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USS Emmons – 68th Anniversary Memorial Dive

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Tengan Pier, 29 March 13

Octopus, Sunabe Sea Wall, Okinawa

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Sunabe Sea Wall, 10 March 13

Clownfish aren't funny!

Sunabe Sea Wall

SCUBA Dive, "Toilet Bowl", Okinawa, Japan

Water Treatment Plant, Okinawa, Japan 24 Feb 13

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USS Emmons – 68th Anniversary Memorial Dive 14 April 2013

Amazing dive today!! I had the honor to join the 68th Anniversary Memorial Dive. This was my fourth memorial dive and probably sadly my last dive on the USS Emmons as I am PCS’ing back to the States this summer.  I would like to thank Kurt, Chuck and North of Nago who made this one of the best dives of the year!

Stay tuned for our next dive.

Semper Dive,



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